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after being hunted and burned for years during the trials, the witches of the western world went underground, hiding for centuries. at the turn of the twenty first century, they started plotting, and eleven years later the first war broke out.

humans won, and the witches hid again, but this time those in control weren't content to simply leave them hiding, and the hunting continued.

in the twenty second century, most of the united states is still war torn, the government focusing only on rebuilding the bright cities where the richest citizens could afford to live. the rest of the population is left to fend for themselves, and most returned to a simpler way of life to support their families. witches stay hidden, for fear of being caught by hunters or dealers. the hunters are part of the government force, while dealers catch and kill witches to trade body parts on the black market.

the city that used to be indiana is controlled completely by witches, not that anyone has proof. they cover their tracks too well, always hiding when the hunters or dealers come through, deceiving the former and killing the latter. within their own secret places, they practice their magic freely, teaching each other everything they can.

olivia, ollie for short, has spent the last fifteen years of her life there, after breaking out of one of the government's facilities. they cut her vocal chords to stop her casting spells, but she found ways to adjust.
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